Olakira – In My Maserati

Check out this beautiful song by Nigerian singer Olakira titled “In My Maserati”.

30 year old Nigerian singer, Olakira practically owned the previous year with his hit song “In My Maserati”. The song talks about wooing a woman he likes. He is heard telling her to “hop in my Maserati”, while also urging her to dance for him.

Olakira’s “In My Maserati” fast became one of the biggest songs of the year not only in Nigeria, but also in Africa. A remix of the song was also released featuring “A Better Time” star, Davido. Olakira has been on the scene for some time before getting his first huge hit.

He is known for singles “Hey Lover”, “Aya Mi”, “Come N Do”, “Wakanda Jollof”, and more. We really hope to hear more hit releases from him this year. Stream and download the song below to listen. Also share your thoughts and opinions on it in the comments section.

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