Oscar Mbo – Moya Wam Ft. MaWhoo [C-Blak’s Vocal Mix]

The music continues for music producer Oscar Mbo as he treats fans to a new jam with associate MaWhoo. Welcome to the world of “Moya Wam [C-Blak’s Vocal Mix].”

The number has three shots on it, with C-Blak being the man of the show in the sense that he gave the number the most touches, although the number isn’t originally his. But that’s by the way.

The song plays for a few minutes, but it’s long enough to snap the attention of the listener and charming enough to make the listener decide to listen to it a second time. It’s a new week, and we should say, this song should make an ideal start to the week.

If, like us, you are a lover of a good time and splendid musical break, this song should be on your playlist. So go ahead then and have a wonderful time with it. No qualms.

Oscar Mbo – Moya Wam Ft. MaWhoo [C-Blak’s Vocal Mix]

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