Oskido Drops Moya Ft. Nokwazi

Celebrated South African disc jockey and producer Oskido croons a new song titled “Moya” alongside his associate Nokwazi.

It’s a meeting of a veteran and a more recent figure in the world of South African music. Oskido has been in the industry for decades and is justly respected for his contribution to the culture. He’s also an entrepreneur with interests in several fields, including restaurants.

In contrast, Nokwazi is a more recent manifestation in South Africa’s music orbit. That notwithstanding, she has managed to distinguish herself as a fine collaborator, bringing near divine vocals to every song on which she is co-opted. She is especially noted for her collaborations with Heavy K.

Anyway, it is still an effectual Nokwazi who popped on Oskido’s “Moya” number. Both artistes make a decent team, and listening to them is a delight.

So if you care for a delightful musical break, you know exactly what to do: Embrace “Moya.” We rate this song high and encourage y’all ti check it out. Your day should be grand.

How would you rate the song, though? You’re welcome to stream “Moya” by Oskido and Nokwazi below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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