Otié Parties With St. Oasis on “Enjoy”

Otié Parties With St. Oasis on “Enjoy”

Nigerian singer, Otié joins producer & songwriter, St. Oasis on his new single “Enjoy”.

My paddi enjoy yourself, problem no dey finish” that’s basically a call to party on Otié’s latest collaboration with Nigerian producer, St. Oasis. The talented singer has just snagged himself a place on Spotify’s Chill Bops playlist with the song.

He has been on a visibly growing musical journey since he made his first release in 2020 with “Feelings”. Named Okotie Daniel Giovanni but fondly called Otié, the singer-songwriter has stacked up tens of thousands of streams across various platforms, and it continues to grow each day.

About a month ago, Otié delivered vocals to St. Oasis’ second official single “Remorse”, and it has been a top track on his page since. Now, he is back with “Enjoy”, a song about having fun and ignoring all of your problems. Check it out below. You might also want to add it to a playlist.