Otile Brown & Alikiba Premiere In LOVE

It’s a repeat of love tropes for Kenyan singer as he croons “In LOVE” in collaboration with his Tanzanian counterpart of Kings Music Records.

Prior to the release of the song, in an post – a picture of him and together – had informed fans of the imminence of the song, urging them to look forward to it on…

The song is here now. Looking back, it is clear both singers were on heat when they dropped the number. Describing the song’s appeal with the flame emoji wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

The song is potent and might be enjoyed alone or in the company of a lover. It is a win for both artistes in the sense that they actually made a fine team – yeah, they are great together. So it is safe to say they owe us another collaborative tune.

In the interim, we urge you to join us as we let the world know we are “In LOVE.” Yes?

Are you “in Love” with what the duo of and have offered? We invite you to stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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