Paige – African Child Album

Paige's Musical Odyssey: "African Child" Album Embarks on a Soulful Journey

The South African Songstress Paige Releases a Heartfelt Amapiano Tribute to Heritage and Healing

Paige, a South African singer-songwriter, has released her latest musical offering, the “African Child”, which claims to touch the soul and link listeners to their roots. The album includes 13 tunes that highlight Paige’s skill as a performer, her evocative lyricism, and her strong connection to African musical tradition.

Paige’s new album, “African Child,” builds on her reputation for making music that heals and inspires. The project is a complex tapestry of Amapiano sounds, a genre that has swept the world by storm and originated in South Africa’s colorful streets. Each song on the album tells a story about the African experience, its hardships, joys, and the indomitable spirit of its people.

The album’s debut track, “Pelo Yaka,” featuring Kharisma and Vee Mampeezy, sets the tone with addictive dance rhythms and heartbreaking lyrics. It’s a celebration of African culture and a salute to Limpopo’s rich musical terrain. Paige’s “African Child” is more than simply an album; it’s a trip through the heart of Africa, with each tune serving as a stepping stone in a greater investigation of identity, resilience, and music’s universal language.

With “African Child,” Paige cements her place in the pantheon of artists who are not only the voice of their generation, but also the keepers of their culture’s narrative history. This album is expected to elicit strong reactions from listeners all over the world, encouraging them to participate in a musical experience that is both distinctly African and universally accessible.

African Child Album


Track Number Title Featured Artists
1 uMngani Wami Aymos, Ntate Stunna & Cheez Beezy
2 Only He Senior Oat
3 Bad Decisions Msongi
4 Khula Kabza De Small
5 Ngifuna Wena SeeZus Beats
6 Ngimtholile SeeZus Beats
7 Yeka Umona Busta 929
8 2 Days Ago SeeZus Beats
9 Ngibheje Master Azart
10 I Will Cry No More SeeZus Beats
11 Pelo Yaka Kharishma & Vee Mampeezy
12 Tshwara Shebeshxt
13 Singajoli Shandesh, Shebeshxt & Pontso Locco


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