Pastor Snow Features Lady Vibe In “Yimani”

Pastor Snow releases new song "Yimani" featuring Lady Vibe

Pastor Snow steals the show with the release of his new song “Yimani” featuring vocals from Lady Vibe.

It isn’t a dope party if Mzansi DJ, Pastor Snow isn’t involved. Those who know him have come to love him for how unique his work and sound is. Since he hit the scene, he has consistently impacted the House genre with great music.

When you think of him, amazing tunes like “Eleven Problems” come to mind. You might have caught a whiff of tunes like “Violin on Steroids”, “Pastor’s World”, and even “Snow On The Desert”. He previously dropped the “Winter Special 2.0 (Lockdown Appreciation Mix)” which fans swallowed whole.

Now, he’s out with a brand new offering titled “Yimani”. The new mix features vocal contributions from Lady Vibe who we dare say killed it. They both make such a good pair, and the resulting music is a testament to that fact. You might want to get it below or follow the free download link on Pastor Now’s Facebook post.

This file was removed on the 20th September, 2023 due to DMCA claims

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