Pdot O Releases New ‘Cold Waters (Love Eternal)’ Album

PdotO drops new "Cold Waters (Love Eternal)" album

PdotO releases a brand new “Cold Waters (Love Eternal)” album.

If you loved the first one, trust that you would definitely find this new one intriguing. Mzansi rapper, PdotO is taking over the airwaves with new music as he delivers the second part of his double disc album titled “Cold Waters”. He calls this new one “Cold Waters (Love Eternal)”.

A few days back, the SA Hip Hop star took to social media to announce that he had released the second part of the album. He revealed that it’s his first Double Disc package and thanked everyone who made it possible. He also shared that the second installment came from hardwork, sweat and tears.

The new album contains 12 tracks as opposed to the first one’s 17. That makes it a total 29. The album features contributions from Fuego Phoenix, Blaklez, Jacqueline, Don Trozo, RAE.Chil, Tyrone, and Angie Santana. Everyone who contributed to it, from the producers to the artists, and engineers were certainly on top of their game. 

Check it out here.

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