PdotO – Dear God

PdotO shoots manh questions at God in "Dear God"

PdotO has many questions directed at God on his song “Dear God”.

People often ask the question, “If God were standing in front of you, what would you ask Him?”. Many would say you’d forget every question on your mind in that very moment but not rapper, PdotO.

In fact, he isn’t waiting till God appears right in front of him, he’s already asking those questions now. The talented rapper released the song “Dear God”, one which has caused a lot of controversy for the questions he asked on it.

On the track, he starts off talking about his place in the music industry and asking “God” when he would be recognized and what he’s got to do to be seen. He further on launches into a series of questions about things that humans do and the things that happen around us.

According him, this isn’t a religious song but admits he is a christian and has a few questions to ask.

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