Peta Teanet – African Vibe, Pt. 2

Peta Teanet – African Vibe, Pt. 2

Check this song out titled “African Vibe, Pt. 2” by the late Disco star Peta Teanet.

The beautiful thing about good music is how it always sounds amazing after many years. The rise of TikTok has brought so many songs back to life. You may have heard an old disco song buzzing on social media recently. That’s why we are here.

Peta Teanet had an amazing career during his time. The famous musician released several albums, including “King Of Shangaan Disco.” The project housed eight tracks without any guest features. He is also known for the albums, “Heroes,” “Will Excite You,” and more.

The “King Of Shangaan Disco” album contained this song titled “African Vibe, Pt. 2.” The song has been buzzing on social media recently. It is nice to see it resurrected. Check it out below to listen to it. Also, add the song to a playlist of your choice this weekend.

African Vibe, Pt. 2

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