Philharmonic – Big Fish Album

Philharmonic is out with a thoroughly enjoyable album dubbed “Big Fish” album, which you can stream here on UbeToo, your go-to place for all things South African music and entertainment.

“Big Fish” is a seen-song project of undeniable appeal. The compilation begins on a grand note with a song titled “Kuzoba Moja” and ends on an equally memorable note with “Amaphutha Amaningi.”

It is unclear what inspired the title of the project, but at is there is no doubt there is a clear reference to himself in the project. Yes, this is about the songster. Philharmonic is not just another creator but one with an outsized confidence in his abilities.

“Big Fish” album projects that confidence effortlessly, leaving the listener with no option but to embrace the opulence of the musician’s self-faith.

This might not be the musician at his finest, Bu then we doubt you will have a quarrel with what he has put together.

Big Fish Album


Title Artists Featured Artists
Kuzoba Moja Philharmonic ProSoul & Silas Africa
Isencane lengane Philharmonic AMAQHAWE & Silas Africa
Dali Nguwe Philharmonic AMAQHAWE & Lokzin Keys
Shona Khona Philharmonic TNK MusiQ & W4DE
Wamulaba Philharmonic & Nandipha808 Ceeka RSA, Gaziba & Pushkin RSA
As’desheni Philharmonic Gaziba, Viper.012 & W4DE
Amaphutha Amaningi Philharmonic & Nandipha808 DeeStar

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