Priddy Ugly – A Reminder To You

has got “A Reminder To You,” a number that will not only get your attention but the attention of those around you as well.

Anyone who has followed the career trajectory of this South African musician will not be surprised by the title and indeed the message of the song. Previously, the songster had sung a reminder to himself. That was years ago but there is apparently still something to share – a reminder to those who would listen.

Before the official unveiling of the song, the songster had shared a teaser of the song as well as the cover art, while cluing fans in on when to expect the number. The cover art showed a blurred image of the songster in motion.

Looking back one might say the wait for “A Reminder To You” has actually been worth it. It is exactly seven years since he crooned “Reminder to Myself” alongside Vanilla Black, but Priddy has managed to retain the charm of old.

In fact, compared to his song of similar title, the current number appears to have more meat. We therefore have no qualms asking y’all to check it out. “A Reminder To You” just might take you to the place you ought to be.

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