Priddy Ugly – DUST Album

South African Hip-Hop Maestro Priddy Ugly Releases His Final Album “DUST,” Marking a High Note in His Musical Journey

Today marks a significant moment in the South African hip-hop landscape as Priddy Ugly, born Serunya Moloi, releases his much-anticipated farewell album, “DUST.” This album is not just a collection of songs but a culmination of over a decade of Priddy Ugly’s influential presence in the music industry.

“DUST” is a showcase of Priddy Ugly’s unique style, lyrical depth, and his dedication to storytelling through music. The album is a reflection of his artistic and personal growth, offering fans a final glimpse into the creative mind of one of South Africa’s most esteemed hip-hop artists.

In the lead-up to the release, Priddy Ugly engaged with his audience through social media, sharing a video on Instagram that featured a compelling freestyle. This move, highlighting his status as a premier lyricist, has amplified the excitement and anticipation for “DUST.”

The album, which has been available for pre-release since January 26, 2024, features tracks that resonate with Priddy Ugly’s introspective and authentic approach to music. Songs like “Falling,” “Ntja’ka” featuring MashBeatz and Maglera Doe Boy, and “So Disrespectful” with Tyson Sybateli, are expected to resonate deeply with his audience. Each track is a testament to Priddy Ugly’s journey and his impact on the hip-hop genre.

As “DUST” hits the airwaves and digital platforms today, it not only signifies the end of an era for Priddy Ugly but also celebrates the legacy of a hip-hop icon. The album is expected to leave a lasting impression on fans and critics alike, serving as a fitting farewell to a legendary career that has left an indelible mark on the South African music scene.

DUST Album


No. Title Artist Duration
1 Falling Priddy Ugly 03:04
2 Ntja’ka Priddy Ugly (feat. Maglera Doe Boy & MashBeatz) 04:21
3 Whats the Math? Priddy Ugly 03:40
4 So Disrespectful Priddy Ugly (feat. Tyson Sybateli) 03:32
5 Piece 4 Peace Priddy Ugly 02:39
6 I Aint Got The Answers Priddy Ugly (feat. Ginger Trill) 04:20
7 No Plans Priddy Ugly 03:38
8 Rest in Power Priddy Ugly 02:27
9 Mosha Priddy Ugly (feat. K.Keed & Blxckie) 03:45
10 Profit Priddy Ugly 03:53
11 Soul Food Priddy Ugly (feat. ZuluMecca) 04:54
12 Family, Man Priddy Ugly (feat. Thato Saul) 04:16
13 Broken Home (Afrika’s Prayer) Priddy Ugly 04:00
14 Go on (Outro) Priddy Ugly 02:38


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