Priddy Ugly & Maglera Doe Boy – Ntja’ka

Priddy Ugly and Maglera Doe Boy Unveil New Track "Ntja'ka"

Collaboration Features Production by Mashbeatz

South African music scene is buzzing with the release of a new track titled “Ntja’ka” by Priddy Ugly and Maglera Doe Boy. The song, which has been eagerly anticipated by fans, promises to be a hit with its catchy beats and memorable lyrics.

The collaboration between Priddy Ugly and Maglera Doe Boy is not just limited to vocals. The track also boasts of production by the renowned Mashbeatz, adding a unique touch to the song. The synergy between the artists and the producer is evident in the final output, which resonates with the signature styles of all involved.

The song’s release was officially announced by Priddy Ugly, who shared the news of the upcoming single on various platforms. The track, which also features the renowned South African rapper, Maglera Doe Boy, was set to drop on Friday, 29 September 2023, as per the announcement.

Several online platforms have already made the song available for streaming and download, indicating its growing popularity among listeners. The song’s lyrics reflect the combined creativity of Priddy Ugly and Maglera Doe Boy, a testament to the track’s appeal.

The music industry and fans alike are abuzz with discussions about the song, with many praising the collaboration and the fresh sound it brings. As the song continues to gain traction, it is expected to climb the charts and become a favourite among South African music enthusiasts.

In the ever-evolving world of music, collaborations like these showcase artists’ immense talent and versatility. “Ntja’ka” reflects the innovation and creativity South African artists bring to the global music scene. As fans groove to the beats of this new track, the music industry waits in anticipation for more such collaborations that push the boundaries and set new standards.


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