Priddy Ugly Teases “Botsoso” With Lady Du In New Music Video

SA Hip Hop star has teased his “Botsoso” single with Lady Du in a recently released music video.

Rapper is steady doing big things and not being held back. The Mzansi star owned the airwaves with his previous project, “Soil.” The fans praised him for all the work he did on it.

Scheduled to drop on September 2nd is his next project, “MUD.” We expected nothing but great joints on the project. Priddy recently dropped the music video of the album’s single “30 Minutes To Soweto”. It sees him reflecting on some of the hardest things that life has handed him.

At the end of the 6-minute video, he teased an unreleased video for the song “Botsoso,” featuring Piano DJ and singer Lady Du. He has plans to dominate the scene before the year ends. Shout out to him. Pre-order “MUD” to hear it first when it drops.

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