Prince Benza – Ke Nosi Ft. Master KG & Makhadzi

croons “Ke Nosi,” featuring his associates Master KG and Makhadzi. The knowledge of the artists on the song alone is enough to provoke a smile.

Yeah. For one, from the outset, you know you have a winning team. Second, is more like a protégé to Master KG – at Open Mic Productions, at least. Both of them are part of the record label.

Of recent, after he founded his record label, speculations were rife that Master KG had left Open Mic. But he denied it. At any rate, as usual, he did well alongside Prince Benza, with Makhadsi bringing her fiery energy to the mix.

and master KG are lovers they had dated, broken up, and started dating again. While some of Makhadzi’s fans had criticized her for going back to Master KG, others have urged her to do what makes her happy. And Makhaszi says Master KG makes her happy…

At any rate, she was engaging singing alongside Master KG and Prince Benza. The sheer force of their collaboration will keep just about any music lover warm for days.

It costs nothing to tap into their energy. So let the music begin if you please.

Prince Benza – Ke Nosi Ft. Master KG &

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