Prince Benza & Pat Medina Join Forces With DJ Call Me For “Corona”

Prince Benza and Pat Medina release "Corona" featuring DJ Call Me

and come through with new song “Corona” featuring Call Me.

Literally everyone in the world now is trying every possible best to remain healthy and safe from the spread of the . While the people in the country have gone into self-isolation, musical artistes have found a way to make the most out of it all.

Yesterday, we reported that many artistes including , , and had been inspired to make music with the spread. Now, a new list joins them, , , and their featured act, Call Me.

Together, the three acts have come through with this song that they call “Corona”. Dont judge it just yet, have a listen first. You might find that it would make you smile and forget about everything around you for a little while. This is definitely going to catch on pretty fast.

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