Prince Da DJ & Bongza – Exclusive

Prince Da DJ and Bongza link up for an “Exclusive” tune which you can stream here on UbeToo, your go-to place for all things South African music and entertainment.

The two musicians on this song are maestros of the decks and turntables, and they have been doing great as solo artists. Pairing them together is a lyrical triumph that will resonate with anyone who decides to listen to the pair.

Their coming together – and the result of this association – is nothing short of magical. The number from the duo will massage the soul of the listener, creating an experience that they would love repeated. Come on, it’s an “Exclusive” tune, after all. Lol.

Part of the appeal of the song is that the listener doesn’t need to be a fan of the genre of expression to appreciate the number. So join us as we vibe to the number for all it’s worth.

Prince Da DJ & Bongza – Exclusive

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