Prince Da DJ – Lightning’s Ft. MDU aka TRP

Prince Da DJ returns with “Lightning’s,” a song that lives up to its name in many respects. It has MDU aka TRP as the sole guest.

Prince Da DJ calls the shots on the decks and turntables. And while he might not be the most resonant voice from the pack, the songster is still good at what he does and can sustain the interest of partygoers just by spinning the records.

Also, he hasn’t popped much into our orbit compared to the singer he elected to work work. Still, we have no quarrel with what he’s just released. “Lightning’s,” which some pedants might not agree with as a title, is worth the playtime still.

MDU aka TRP is pretty high in demand as a guest artist. So the choice of him shouldn’t be surprising whatsoever. To his credit, he also did well with Prince Da DJ. So it’s a win not just for him but for those who love good music as well.

As a song, “Lightning’s” unleashes a liberating musical force and creates an experience that is hard to forget. You only have to open up to the number to experience its power. We’re confident your soul will thank you at the end of it all.

Prince Da DJ – Lightning’s ft. MDU aka TRP

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