Prince Kaybee Drops Visual Mix 2021 (Part 1)

The year begins in earnest for Mzansi muso Prince Kaybee as he treats fans to a new mixtape titled “Visual Mix 2021 (Part 1).”

With a title such as this, one might be confident a new episode of the mix will be out shortly. In the interim, we’re embracing “Visual Mix 2021 (Part 1).” You may come along.

Prince Kaybee is no newbie in the world of mixes, having released several of them previously. In fact, before fame, he had released mixes on radio and at no cost, too. Famous after years of obscurity, the mixing continues for the songster, one of the Mercedes Benz fanatics in South Africa.

“Visual Mix 2021 (Part 1)” is pretty decent for a mix – a compilation that in no way takes you for a ride. It promises as much as it delivers. So, to the decision to listen to it, no qualms.

The mix drops amid intense preparation to release Prince Kaybee’s fourth studio album, “The Fourth Republic.” One might as well take the mix as a pacifier, something fans have got to hold to until the feast of numbers promised on February.

You may join us as we tap into the energy of Prince Kaybee’s “Visual Mix 2021 (Part 1).”

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