Black Coffee Brings “100 Zulu Warriors” For New Release

“100 Zulu Warriors” is a typical back coffee sound, with it your boredom will not survive the charm of this song. Best believe.

The very thought of dropping a new song unannounced is enough to get us excited. For one, he has been been true to the genre and consistent in his releases.

, for instance, has a tone of songs to his name. he is especially famous for creating his own house and electronic music unlike many that mainly depend on remixing and remaking the works of other artistes, local and international.

The vital and energizing voice in Mzansi music scene, who is also known for collaborating with other artists for vocals, did his thing on a solo mode this time around on “100 Zulu Warriors”

100 Zulu Warriors is originally off his 2016 album titled “Have Another One”. How would you rate “100 Zulu Warriors” by ? You are welcome to stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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