Pro-Tee Returns With “Mexican Sphara”

disc jockey and producer -Tee presents a new dance single titled “Mexican Sphara.” This isn’t some Mexican odyssey, but then we assure of a splendid listening session.

In his latest number, -Tee continues in his usual breezy style, taking you into the world of his art, a world that instantly reignites the dance devil in you. Funnily, this DJ whose avowed goal is to make people dance, cannot dance.

Well, that’s no joke he has admitted to this himself. But who is complaining? Not his fans. With each of his songs they have a good time, as does -Tee himself. Everyone wins.

By the way, the legal name of this DJ is Thabiso Professor Nkosi. In the world of South African gqom, he is one name you just cannot ignore. He ranks as one of the most prolific, too. You should love listening to him.

“Mexican Sphara” popped on the DJ’s You Tube channel days back and has rceived mostly favourable reviews. So you kight find yourself in court and your opinion desired on “Mexican Sphara.” That court is the comment section below.

Are you ready to say something? Well, we wanna hear it.vibe wityh the song below and join the conversation.

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