Punk Mbedzi – Celebration Ft. Tazzy

Punk Mbedzi is in “Celebration” mood with his pal Tazzy – as should be apparent from the pair’s collaborative tune.

“Celebration” brings you what is suggested in the song’s title. So, yes, you’re going to have a transporting time with this song, which happens to be the first collaborative tune we’ve heard from the pair this month.

Punk Mbedzi and Tazzy are splendid together. It’s hard not to clamour for another joint tune from them, after having heard them the first time. Not bad, really.

In “Celebration” you have a number for a good time. The song easily draws you into its orbit and keeps you there. But then it’s a place to be in. so no qualms. Punk Mbedzi and Tazzy have dropped something magical, and we hope to replicate similar magic in another song.

Well, it is the hour of “Celebration” and we urge you to join us for a good time. You’ve got nothing to lose. Come on, then, if you please.

How would you rate “Celebration,” though? Do you find yourself vibing with the song all day? We invite you to check the song out below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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