Q Twins Drops Amanga Abantu With Joocy

Q Twins Drops Amanga Abantu With Joocy

“Amanga Abantu” is here finally, a collaborative work between South Africa’s Q Twins and Joocy. The song is 5th on the tracklist of the twins sister’s “The Gift Of Love” album.

In a sense, “Amanga Abantu” is a family affair, because it brings together artistes from the same record label. Q Twins and Joocy are all signed to the same record label, Afrotainment, owned by DJ Tira.

It’s the first collaborative single we’ve heard from the pair this month, and we love it. The song is pretty charming and energizing, instantly waking up the exuberant part of you. It’s a pleasure listening to it, really.

Hints of a collaboration among the troika had popped online earlier, with them sharing pictures of their meeting. In fact, a teaser was part of the treat they gave the public back then. The full song is out now, and man, you really wanna hear it!

“Amanga Abantu” makes for an exciting weekend, so go ahead and embrace the song and let its potent energy liberate you from the hold of the boring. You’re in for a wonderful time.

Go ahead and stream the song below and share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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