Qhawelisha – Omahlalela Ft. Mashotana

Qhawelisha debuts on UbeToo with “Omahlalela,” a song featuring his pal and fellow South African Mashotana. It’s a meeting of two young voices who look like siblings.

Beyond the facial similarity between the two, there’s the music and the synergy they share as collaborators – pretty decent and memorable. Neither of them has popped into our orbit previously. So it is understandable why they’ve got our attention with their latest drop.

The song is more like a massage on the soul. You listen to it, and you want to hear it a second time. But, of course, not all songs have that appeal. At any rate, with this song, you should know right away that you’re in for a good time, and there is no room for boring moments.

So go ahead and tap the play button and embrace an immersive musical experience. With this, your day should be grand really. Let the music begin.

Qhawelisha – Omahlalela Ft. Mashotana

File removed on 20th September, 2023. Click for new music
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