Ralf Gum – Lockdown House Party (6th March 2021)

Check out this stunning set by Ralf Gum at the “Lockdown House Party (6th March 2021)”.

It is amazing how the Lockdown House Party always presents the best DJs in the SAmusic industry. Everyone now looks forward to it during the weekends. There’s always a different lineup of DJs and artists ready to thrill.

Last weekend, the show featured performances from talented DJs including TNS, Shimza, Christos, Trev The Japanese, Transmicsoul and Ralf Gum. They each delivered amazing performances and thrilled the viewers from the start of the show until it ended. Hopefully, you didn’t miss it.

But if you did, of course you can always watch it again. This here is a full clip of Ralf Gum’s very energetic set. He really put on a great show for the viewers to enjoy. You can check it out below. Also let us know what your thoughts and opinions on it are.

File removed on 20th September, 2023. Click for new music

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