Ranks ATM Drops Die For Me Ft. Stilo Magolide & Just G

“Die for Me,” raps Ranks ATM in a new song featuring Stilo Magolide and Just G. These are regular faces in Ranks ATM’s creative orbit, so we’re not surprised they made the cut.

“Die For Me” is a song with unmistakable love notes and one that might appeal to a large audience. The song is fairly straightforward without boring bends that grate on your patience

Ranks is one of the buzzing voices in the African Trap Movement (ATM). So devoted is he to the course that he has adopted the initials of the movement as part of his stage name. Anyway, he did a fine job with this song.

“Die For Me” is taken from Ranks’s “Substance Music” compilation. It occupies the third spot on the tracklist and also happens to be one of our favourites in the compilation itself. You just can’t go wrong listening to this snumber. So go ahead and embrace it for all it is worth, peeps.

Well, what do you think of Ranks ATM’s “Die For Me” song with Just G and Stilo Magolide? You might want to stream the song below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

This file was removed on the 20th September, 2023 due to DMCA claims

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