Razie Kay Sings Our Favorite Song With Richy

Razie Kay returns to UbeToo with a new single titled “Our Favourite Song.” The song has Richy as the sole guest. It is worth hearing, if you please.

A first encounter with “Our Favourite Song” has you feeling the title was adopted to sell the song. Not a bad idea, really, for an artiste who is still on the way

Although this might not be our favourite song today or even this week, it is a song we are pretty chuffed to hear and share, too. It’s got an arresting beat, and the confidence of the singing cannot be missed.

Razie Kay last popped on here in March 2020, with “Ndo Mutuvha,” a collaborative tune with Khoisan Maxy. He returns with old energy and we are happy to listen to his new drop. It is good and should make a fine addition to your playlist this Monday.

Richy’s vocal riches are evident on “Our favorite Song,” as should be apparent to you presently. You wouldn’t mind vibing with this song right now.

Well, how would you rate “Our Favourite Song”? Is it something you wanna favouraite right away? We should love to hear from you in the comments, if you please.

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