ReaDaSoul – Naamah Album

Dance music fans are reveling in the sensations of energetic beats with the newly available album “Naamah” by genre-favorite, ReaDaSoul. Released under the joint partnership of EMPIRE and ReaDaSoul Music, the album is already making waves on several music platforms.

“Naamah” features an impressive lineup of nine diverse dance tracks. The lead single, “Best Thing,” is a cross-collaboration with and Swiss Wrld, setting the energetic tone for the rest of the album. Further collaborations with notable artists like Leandra.Vert, Lord Zekhu Kheswa, and Chley in tracks “Uzozisola” and “Manginawe” respectively, provide varied auditory experiences, taking listeners on an eclectic dance journey.

ReaDaSoul showcases his versatility in tracks like “Bengithi” and “Shona Malanga,” featuring catchy melodies and uplifting lyrics which are a staple of his unique sound. His collaboration with Makhanj & Jay Sax on “Ngivulele” and with LeeMcKrazy on “Indlela” lend a rhythmic intensity to the album.

Early listeners’ feedback from several online platforms affirms “Naamah” as a novel addition to the dance music scene this year. It showcases ReaDaSoul’s ability to blend various sounds, creating a unique and electrifying album that is sure to keep audiences captivated.


Artist: ReaDaSoul
Genre: Dance
Release Date: April 25, 2024
Track Count: 9
Explicitness: notExplicit
Copyright: ℗ 2024 ReaDaSoul Music / EMPIRE


# Title Artist Duration Status
1 Best Thing ReaDaSoul, & Swiss Wrld 3:07 Released
2 Uzozisola (feat. Leandra.Vert & Lord Zekhu Kheswa) ReaDaSoul & Tonic Blue 7:00 Released
3 Manginawe (feat. Chley) ReaDaSoul & Cyfred 6:42 Released
4 Bengithi (feat. Tman Xpress & Smilo) ReaDaSoul 7:04 Released
5 50250 (feat. Maremo Violin & Zwayetoven) ReaDaSoul & Stixx 7:02 Released
6 Masibumbane (feat. ZEENHLE) ReaDaSoul & Lester Deep 7:03 Released
7 Shona Malanga (feat. Smilo) ReaDaSoul 7:00 Released
8 Ngivulele (feat. Makhanj & Jay Sax) ReaDaSoul & Koppz Deep 7:00 Released
9 Indlela (feat. Leemckrazy) ReaDaSoul, Tycoon & Omit ST 5:51 Released


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