Real Nox, kiddyondebeat & DrummeRTee 924 – Sgija vs Barcadi

Real Nox, kiddyondebeat, and link up for a new tune titled “Sgija vs Barcadi,” which you can stream here and now.

With such a title, you get the feeling of fierce competition between two forces. The good thing is that you are not exactly consumed in the wake. On the contrary, you should have a positive experience listening to what the musicians have put together.

Real Nox, kiddyondebeat, and are no serial collaborators, but as you will find out soon enough, they managed to pull off a collaborative magic that will resonate with music lovers beyond the genre of expression.

“Sgija vs Barcadi” is potent enough to snag attention any day, so we have no qualms about adding it to the numbers to vibe to beyond the moment. For those not familiar with the singers and their works, there is the reason to check them out. Why not?

Real Nox, kiddyondebeat & DrummeRTee 924 – Sgija vs Barcadi

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