Record L Jones releases “Utlwa Seroba” featuring Slenda Vocals

Record L Jones teams up with Slends Vocals to deliver a brand new song to the airwaves titled “Utlwa Seroba”.

It has been an amazing couple of weeks watching artists from various labels in the country do their thing in the airwaves. Artists and DJs signed to Jaivane’s Simnandi Records have really been doing the most this year.

We dont know if you’ve noticed but they have claimed the scene with their amazing music recently. From new projects, to singles, and also a mix of Simnandi songs delivered by Jaivane recently, they’ve been on top of their game. Now, Record L Jones and Slenda Vocals have teamed up to make a new delivery.

They previously teamed up for “Ubusha Bethu” with DJ Jaivane. They now title this one “Utlwa Seroba”. Together, they deliver an impressive song from it’s production to the vocal delivery. You really should hear it for yourself. Stream and download the song below. Also share your thoughts on it.

File removed on 20th September, 2023. Click for new music
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