Reece Madlisa & Zuma – K’dala Skokota Ft. DJ Maphorisa, Soa Mattrix, Mpura & Killer Kau

The track of the living and the dead. That’s what comes to mind listening to “K’dala Skokota,” and it somehow creates a sense of pathos. The track is the handiwork of Reece Madlisa and Zuma, with DJ Maphorisa, Soa Mattrix, Mpura and coming in as guests.

The first two guests on the list, and Soa Mattrix, are alive, and the last two are dead. Mpura and had perished months ago in a car accident while driving to a gig.

That accident also claimed the lives of four other artistes. It was the biggest single blow to the genre in recent memory. The boys might be dead, but their legacies hum and hum. What you have here, then, is part of their legacies – a song clearly recorded before their tragic passing.

The song, part of a recently released project, might open to the listener vestiges of the past. But then it’s a past that will cause no harm to be interrogated afresh. The song is potent enough to keep you vibing into the weekend. So, take it from us: this number should be on your playlist right now. Y’all gotta rock it for all it’s worth.

Reece Madlisa & Zuma Ft. DJ Maphorisa, Soa Mattrix, Mpura & Killer Kau – K’dala Skokota

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