Riaan Benadé – Boksemdais

Riaan Benadé pops into our orbit with a new number dubbed “Boksemdais,” which we are happy to have you check out.

If you have been following the Afrikaans music scene in South Africa, then you probably already know that Riaan Benadé is one of the voices to be taken seriously. Here, the songster makes it clear, once again, that he has earned his stripes and is no one-song wonder.

“Boksemdais” is at once charming and memorable – a testament to an artist who knows his sinews and has no qualms flaunting the same for all to see.

We count this track as one of the few to check out this Friday and even revisit on the weekend. It leaves no room for boredom. On the contrary, besides drawing some didactic nuggets from it, you also find yourself energised from listening to it. Now, one cannot say the same of all the songs out there.


Riaan Benadé - Boksemdais (Lirieke Video)

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