Roque Drops 2-tracks EP With “On Fire” And “Hypnotize Your Mind”

Roque drops new songs "On Fire and Hypnotize Your Mind"

is “On Fire” and set to “Hypnotize Your Mind” with two new songs.

Hypnotize Your Mind / On Fire – Single

    • Genre: House
    • Release Date: 2020-05-09
    • Explicitness: notExplicit
    • Country: ZAF
    • Track Count: 2
  • ℗ 2020 DHP Records

We doubt that anyone loves double releases as much as we do. It sort of feels like getting two songs for the price of one, even though it isn’t like that at all. However, we are excited for this new offering because is good for that..

You may or may not know the name but trust us, there’s good music attached to it. We all can agree that it is all that matters. With two new songs out, Roque is making recognizable moves towards recognition on the airwaves. They are titled “On Fire” and “Hypotoze Your Mind”. We previously saw the release of “Spirit’s Speak”, and “Taking A Chance” over a week ago.

Both new songs are longer than 7 minutes so you might want to get cozy as you listen. It is House music at its best. The work on the songs are not particularly what we are used to which is a bit different but all the more interesting.

Roque – On Fire / Hypnotize Your Mind Preview/Listen

Roque – On Fire / Hypnotize Your Mind Tracks/Songs

NO Title Artist Time
1 Hypnotize Your Mind (feat. Rud 6:28
2 On Fire 7:36


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