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Wysers Album: A Musical Tapestry of Resilience and Reflection

The new album from Wysers navigates life’s complexities with melodic grace and lyrical depth.

In the dynamic soundscape of contemporary music, the Wysers have emerged with their self-titled album, “Wysers,” a heartfelt compilation of songs that explore the contours of human experience. The album is a collection of 13 tracks, each weaving a narrative of struggle, contemplation, and the search for divine connection.

The opening track, “Ek Sukkel,” sets the tone with its introspective lyrics, addressing the universal challenges we face. The album quickly finds its stride with “Net Hier Bly,” featuring Franja du Plessis, where delicate vocals blend with poignant melodies to evoke a sense of steadfastness amidst life’s trials.

The title track “Wysers” delves into the wisdom gained from life’s journeys, encapsulated in the resonant chorus that echoes long after the song ends. It is followed by the thought-provoking “Rome is nie gebou in ‘n dag nie,” reminding listeners of the patience required to build something lasting.

Songs like “Ligte Af” and “Verlore” explore themes of introspection and loss with a raw honesty that resonates deeply with the listener. The defiant “Vat My Van!” and the resilient “Vat die Houe” are anthems of strength and endurance, with rousing arrangements that inspire courage.

The album takes a spiritual turn with “Dear God,” “No one like our God,” and “Provider,” where the Wysers articulate a profound longing for divine guidance and providence. These tracks are a testament to the band’s faith and their willingness to wrestle with the big questions of existence.

The Wysers conclude with powerful renditions of “Go rest high on that mountain” and an acoustic version of “Goodbye in her eyes,” showcasing their versatility and depth as artists.

“Wysers” stands as a significant release, an album that not only entertains but also invites reflection on life’s intricate tapestry. With this latest work, the Wysers affirm their place in the hearts of their listeners and in the broader canon of meaningful music.

Wysers Album


Track Title
1 Ek Sukkel
2 Net Hier Bly (feat. Franja du Plessis)
3 Wysers
4 Rome is nie gebou in ‘n dag nie
5 Ligte Af
6 Verlore
7 Vat My Van!
8 Vat die Houe
9 Dear God
10 No one like our God
11 Provider
12 Go rest high on that mountain
13 Goodbye in her eyes (Acoustic)


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