Ruhan du Toit – Mense Op Die Dorp

Afrikaans is one of the languages spoken in South Africa and also one of the genres of music there. As a genre, Afrikaans barely resonates nationally, but it still has a thriving community in the country, with musicians pushing the genre every way they see feet.

One such musician is Ruhan du Toit, who has just treated us to an interesting beat titled “Mense Op Die Dorp.” Chances are you might get lost listening to this tune if you’re not conversant with Afrikaans. But if you should keep an open mind and just listen and let your spirit do the rest, then the song will hit you.

Take this as a challenge to do just that. The result might shock you. But then you will be happy with the experience. Wouldn’t you rather opt in right now? Just tap the play button and let the music begin. Let’s go, peeps!

Mense Op Die Dorp

Ruhan du Toit - Mense Op Die Dorp (Amptelike Musiekvideo)

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