Russell Zuma – Angikaze Ft. Coco SA & George Lesley

Russell Zuma croon “Angikaze” alongside fellow South Africans Coco SA and George Lesley. It’s a local meeting of champs who deserve each other.

If you are confused by that phrase, you need not be; the point here is that the artists on this song are pretty good together, so the decision to celebrate is something to be applauded by anyone who loves good music and a good time.

Russell Zuma is pretty versatile and doing creatively well in many spaces, including amapiano and dance/ electronic. His latest offering, “Angikaze,” is a delight to the ears, and we have no qualms asking y’all to check it out.

One patently striking thing about this number is that it brings you into its orbit again and again: You’re inclined to listen to it again after your first experience. Of course, not all songs have that appeal. We invite you to join us as we explore “Angikaze.”

Russell Zuma – Angikaze Ft. Coco SA & George Lesley

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