SA_Rifa – Rockstar Ft. Chad Da Don

SA_Rifa is your “Rockstar” in a new song featuring associate Chad Da Don. The pair has put together a number worth hearing. So it is easy deciding to listen to it.

But we are not too impressed with the effort to release the song. Of the two artists, Chad Da Don is more famous. Yet, it never crossed his mind to share the song’s cover art on his verified Instagram channel.

SA_Rifa is difficult to find on the platform, and we even doubt the muso’s page has a cover art of the song – something that should be de rigueur for any artist dropping new music and desirous of the same circulating widely. But that’s by the way.

Still, we invite you to embrace “Rockstar” the song for all it’s worth. You have zero chance of being a rockstar by just listening to it, though. Lol. Let the music begin anyway. Come on!

SA_Rifa – Rockstar Ft. Chad Da Don

File removed on 20th September, 2023. Click for new music
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