Sabrina Claudio Premieres Based On A Feeling Album — Listen

American singer Sabrina Claudio explores the sensual and the personal in a new body of work, “Based On A Feeling” album, which you can stream here and now. 

As a title, “Based On A Feeling” might throw up wishy-washy images, but that’s not exactly what you get listening to this album. 

The album 11 tracks in all, beginning with “Subtle Things” and ending on a nite that will resonate with the chivalrous knights out there, “Protect Her.” The tracks between those include “Don’t? Make Me Wait,” “Impersonator,” “IOU,” “Sunset Eyes”, and “Put on Repeat.”

For a project of 11 tracks, one would have expected a couple of guest artists. But Sabrina Claudio decided to walk solo. One can’t fault that decision, however, for the songstress put up a satisfactory performance alone. 

In her latest album, Sabrina explored many themes, most of them revolving around love and relationships and what she expects from her man.

While the is not exactly a bible on relationships, anyone who appreciates the letters of love, and wants to love and be loved right, will love what Sabrina has put together. It’s worth a place on a playlist, and we have no qualms recommending it. Yup.

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