Listen, Sabrynaah Pope – Someone For You (String Quartet Mix)

Taking us back to legendary Sabrynaah Pope’s single “someone For you” (string quartet mix)

This was one of the house/house garage songs that got us grooving to it for a long time. The song was mixed by Rufus and it showed absolute rhythm. It came as a follow up to earlier released songs like  “It works for me”, “My Life” among other songs which are still getting major media buzz till date.

Listen to the song below;

Sabrynaah Pope was a female house vocalist from Brooklyn USA. She was well known for her work and creative styles and until her death in 2005, she created sounds which everyone loved and identified with. She got her self various awards and recognition, also topping various charts and billboards. This song is one of her excellent masterpieces, she was one rare gem in the music industry and her sound was absolutely a unique one.

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