Sdala B & Paige – Salt/Letswai

Sdala B and Paige return with a number we think will beautify your day: “Salt/Letswai.” Of course, this is not salt as we know it. But it can be to the soul what natural salt is to food. That’s by the way.

Sdala B and Paige have been treating up to sterling numbers, so nothing is surprising in them deciding to link up again and share a number that’s just as charming as anything they have released so far.

Months back, the two had treated fans to the Zulu version of Makhadzi and Prince Benza’s soaraway single “Ghanama.” The duo’s “Ghanama (Zulu Version)” may not have dropped with the thunder of Makhadzi’s number, but it’s a splendid tune yet.

Well, from the two friends, both of South African provenance, there’s a number that’s as charming. “Salt/Letswai” may turn out salt to your day – a song that will illuminate the positives around you and make sure your eyes are trained on them.

Who wouldn’t want such a number? It’s easy visualizing Sdala B and Paige spitting new jams after their “Salt Letswai” triumph. For now, though, we’re savouring what’s on the table, and we invite you to do the same.

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