Sam Deep – Welcome To The Party EP

After telling fans he was working on a project and letting them know when to expect it, South African music producer Sam Deep has unleashed his “Welcome To The Party” EP.

It’s Friday, and for most, the ideal time to have a blast, given that the following day is a weekend and they may not have to go to work. Sam Deep makes things easy for the revellers with his latest offering.

This potent, six-track compilation begins with a number titled “Emhlabeni,” encapsulating tunes like “Ngaphakathi,” “Kusezo Khanya,” “Amaxoki,” and “Dinosaur.”

Sam Deep tapped the vocal resources of his compatriots, including De Mthuda, Babalwa M, Sipho Magudulela, Sino Msolo, Mawhoo, Mkeyz and Dr Thulz.

This body of work merits a place on the playlist of anyone who desires a wonderful time, be it this weekend or beyond. Embrace it for all it’s worth, then. Tap the play button and let’s roll!

Sam Deep – Welcome To The Party EP


  1. Sam Deep, MalumNator & MaWhoo – Emhlabeni
  2. Sam Deep & MaWhoo – Thokoza
  3. Sam Deep & Sino Msolo ft De Mthuda – Ngaphakathi
  4. Sam Deep ft Mkeyz & Dr Thulz – Kancane
  5. Sam Deep & Playgal ft De Mthuda, Babalwa M & Sipho Magudulela – Kusezo Khanya
  6. Sam Deep ft MalumNator – Amaxoki
  7. Sam Deep ft De Mthuda – Dinosaur

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