Sam Smith & Burna Boy Vibe Love In New Song “My Oasis”

In keeping to our promise yesterday, we bring you “My Oasis,” a collaborative song between the British musician Sam Smith and his Nigerian counterpart Burna Boy.

As we had predicted, “My Oasis” actually tells an old tale – one of love and longing – but with an effusion of fine imagery that will tickle many out there. At leastwe have no qualms saying we like.

While this song is not something “To Die For,” it yet speaks to the spirit of any believer in the language of love and companionship. Coming at a time when many couples are home because of the coronavirus pandemic and the enforcement of lockdown orders across the world, one can only smile – and hope couples can find the flames of their relationship that might have died out for lack of quality time together.

“My Oasis” is a song to have and a song to share as well. Coming a day before the weekend, we are pleased to say we have a weekend treat already. But we aren’t savouring it alone. Come join us for a feast of good sound. Yes?

How would you rate the song? Stream it below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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