Saudi – The Drips Leak (Mixtape)

Saudi releases his debut mixtape "The Drips Leak"

Saudi releases his debut mixtape titled “The Drips Leak”.

How often would you want to heat that your favourite emcee has dropped a brand new song, album, or maybe even, a mixtape. As much as possible right? Surely, there’s no bigger news than that of new music.

Well, fans of Hip Hop rapper, Saudi are about to have a field day because he has great news for them, and it comes in pairs. The talented rapper has been up to a lot of work lately, and it has become evident in his newest plans.

Taking to Instagram recently, he announced a brand new mixtape (his first) titled “The Drips Leak” which he just released. He also announced that his second studio album titled “Japan Four” is still on the way, as is the previously announced “Senaoane”. The mixtape features Emtee, Ranks and SIms.

Announing the mixtape release, Saudi shared some lines from the first track off the project titled “Hug The Money”

I got me some
Broken relation
Broken relationships
I tried so hard to
So hard to
I tried so hard to fix

I told myself if I ever get back to my feet
I’ll never ever ever ever fuck with you again, nah
I’m never ever question your integrity
Or let you down when you need me
I’ve never judged you, never will
But why I gotta lie
And say you loyal when you ain’t
I mean do I got to die first
For you to show me that we fam
I kept it a hunna, about no motherfuckin games
You, you truly didn’t do the same
Switching in and out,
And in and out
And in and out my fucken lane… Hug Me the Money (Produced by Saudi)


“The Drips Leak” is reportedly a combination of some previous leaks and brand new songs. It has now been made available on major digital and streaming platforms.

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