Sean Munnick And Lakei Release “Raw”

Sean Munnick drops "Raw" with Lakei

Sean Munnick whips up a brand new tune titled “Raw” with Lakei.

We think it’s about time you heard some mind blowing music you will hardly be able to recover from. Surely, at one point literally everyone should know two of the most talented music makers not everyone talks about, and Sean Munnick.

He makes a joke of it but truly, Sean was sent to this world to make good music and deliver to his fans. He does that exceptionally well even, and does deserve all the praise he gets. On this new song, he bares himself, and lets us feel exactly what he has in mind for the track.

on the other hand is one Cape Town’s greatest discoveries. The talented producer is genius in every definition of the word. He knows how to craft an amazing tune and present it to the world perfect. Together, the two make a great team. A formidable one even.