Senegalese Artist, Amira Abed Is Sweeping The Charts With “Cheri Coco”

Senegalese artist, Amira Abed is tearing through the charts with "Cheri Coco"

Senegalese  artist, Amira Abed is making her presence known on the charts with “Cheri Coco”.

Good songs are the ultimate boosters. When an artist drops a beautiful song, it gains attention and announces them even more than they were known before. You could say good songs bring good publicity.

Senegalese artist, Amira Abed is reaping the rewards of dropping a great song. It really does suit her. In the final week of the previous month, the talented singer debuted the song, Cheri Coco, and it was well received by music lovers. Since it dropped, virtually everyone who has heard it has fallen in love.

Raking in massive streams, it has become a huge hit. The song has also torn through the airwaves and the charts due to popular demand. Its official video currently has over 1.3 million views and counting on YouTube. Amira has risen to new heights with this one and we’re loving it.

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