Senior Oat – Ngizo Thandaza Ft. Oliphant Gold

Senior Oat croons a new tune titled “Ngizo Thandaza,” featuring his associate Oliphant Gold. These two are examples that one need not be a big-name artist to truly make an impact in the soul of music lovers out there.

Neither of them falls into the big-name category. Yet they have put together a song that will resonate with many music lovers out there. We love this jam and are confident you will love it too.

It’s intriguing and loves no room for boredom. And yes, it should appeal to just about any music lover out there, whether they are big fans of the genre or not. The appeal is more in the message.

With the weekend just on the corner, you should have no issue picking this number among the jams to keep you warm through the period and beyond. Come on, then, and have the “Ngizo Thandaza” experience. No qualms.

Senior Oat – Ngizo Thandaza Ft. Oliphant Gold

File removed on 20th September, 2023. Click for new music
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