SFS, Captain FS, Teepee & Red Button Drop “MAWE: VITA24” In Honour Of PRO

SFS, Captain FS, Teepee and Red Button honour PRO's legacy with ne release "MAWE: Vita 24"

In honour of PRO’s amazing legacy, SFS, Captian FS, Teepee and Red Button team up to release “MAWE: Vita 24”.

It has been 24 months and a few days since Hip Hop legend, Linda Mkhize aka PRO, passed on. The iconic rapper who died on August 8, 2018 is credited to be the reason why SA Hip Hop is what it is now.

The anniversary of his death saw the release of a brand new project in honour of his legacy. For the first time, four of artists who he worked with while he was alive have teamed up to honour him. They include SFS, Captain FS, Teepee and Red Button. Teepee was featured on all of PRO’s albums.

The late rapper was regarded as Vita by the people who were closest to him. All four acts have now released a remix of SFS’ MAWE titled “MAWE: Vita 24” to signify 24 months of his passing. They kicked off the #Vita24 campaigned on July 27, 2020 with stories of how they met the late icon.

“MAWE: Vita 24” was released on August, 8 2020.

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