SGVO – VO Deluxe EP

A Fresh Take on House Music with SGVO’s Latest Release

South African music producer SGVO has released his latest work, the “VO Deluxe EP,” marking a significant addition to his discography. This new EP is a journey through various aspects of house music, showcasing SGVO’s versatility and innovation in the genre.

The “VO Deluxe EP” by SGVO, released in December 2023, is a collection that goes beyond his signature style. It presents a wide variety of songs, each delving into different facets of house music. This EP is not just a set of tracks but a cohesive narrative that demonstrates SGVO’s growth as an artist and his ability to push the boundaries of house music.

Featuring four tracks, the EP spans a total duration of 26 minutes, offering listeners a substantial experience of SGVO’s musical vision. Each track in the EP is a testament to SGVO’s mastery in blending traditional house rhythms with contemporary sounds, creating a unique auditory experience for his audience.

SGVO’s “VO Deluxe EP” is available on major streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify, making it accessible to a wide audience of house music enthusiasts. The EP has been met with positive reception, with fans and critics alike praising SGVO’s ability to maintain the core elements of house music while introducing fresh and innovative sounds.

This release follows SGVO’s previous successful projects, including his 13-track album “VO” released in October. The “VO Deluxe EP” addresses some of the feedback and expectations from fans following the “VO” album, showcasing SGVO’s responsiveness to his audience’s desires.

In summary, SGVO’s “VO Deluxe EP” is a must-listen for any house music enthusiast. It’s a masterful blend of rhythm, melody, and innovation, solidifying SGVO’s position as a prominent figure in the South African house music scene and beyond.

VO Deluxe EP


1 Ngiya’khala SGVO, Artwork Sounds & Nvcho 6:20
2 Paso SGVO & Oscar Mbo 6:52
3 Ikhaya SGVO & MaWhoo 6:52
4 Zulu SGVO, Artwork Sounds & Pushkin 6:27


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