Sha Sha – My Love Ft. DJ Nsi-man

is drunken on the letters of amity and shares that experience in a new song titled “My Love,” which you can stream here on UbeToo, ’s premier music and entertainment hub. The number has DJ Nsi-man as the sole guest.

This tune might pass for an introduction of sorts, and that’s in the sense that it’s the first joint release by the two musicians. What’s more, they did so well as a team that, besides lapping up what they have put together, one would most likely want them to work together again.

Are they dropping another number tomorrow or the day after? We are not sure of that. And would rather you don’t bother but live in the raptures of the moment already delivered. Your spirit should thank you for that, really.

So go ahead and enjoy the lovey-dovey experience the Zimbabwean singer has just provided in collaboration with another memorable musician.

Sha Sha – My Love Ft. DJ Nsi-man

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